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If you visit, become a member, or buy from you should know the following.

All the prices of the products you see in our online store include VAT. 24%








Ordering process




In every new order you place from our store, we first inform you with an automated e- mail to confirm your order to the e - mail you have registered. Then follows a telephone update, about the availability of the products and about the shipping method. Therefore, when creating your account, you should take care of your exact details (telephone, e- mail , shipping address, full name) so that you can be sure of the correct execution of your order.








Shipping methods




Shipments of our products are made in two ways and it depends on the volume and weight of the item.




- Courier ELTA DOOR - DOOR 1 - 3 working days

– Comvos shipping 2 – 4 business days




The shipping cost in the first case ( Courier ) corresponds to €4 (VAT included) up to a weight of 4 kg. After that the charge amounts to 1€ euro cents per kilogram of weight. The products are delivered to your door through ELTA DOOR-TO-DOOR. We have ensured for you minimal shipping costs on every order.




Regarding the second method of delivery ( Comvos Transport ), the cost is from €5.00 to €50.00 per pallet depending on the volume, the products with special markings for Free shipping, the shipping cost for the whole of Greece is Free.





Also, there is no cash on delivery cost for products with special markings.




Payment methods




1. Cash on delivery: Upon receipt of the products you have ordered, you also pay the amount owed to the partner who brought you the order, so simply and safely. You should know that in the cash on delivery method there is an additional charge of €1.80 (+VAT) on each of your orders.




2. Deposit to a bank account: After choosing the specific payment method during your order, then go to the bank suggested by the system ( Eurobank ) and deposit the money. In case you transfer an amount from another bank then you should choose to bear the total bank costs (depositor - recipient ) and not both, otherwise you bear the bank costs of the transfer from another bank which is 4.00 euros . You will also need to deposit the bank fee to complete your order. Then you contact us to inform us about the bank deposit and if requested send us the proof of deposit. You can do this by phone at 2531022585, or by e- mail : .


Piraeus :


IBAN GR1201711920006192146922129






IBAN GR2702601400000190200618191




3. Credit card: Your credit card is charged, in case you choose to pay with it for the products you buy on our site , through the secure system of Eurobank . Credit card information is entered by you on a web -hosted page server of Eurobank Bank and are sent to the central server of the bank with a connection protected by the SSL protocol. The Eurobank server then approves or rejects the transaction and the result appears back on the pages of . Your credit card details are not stored anywhere, and are not sent at any stage of the process, to the server where you host . By using the credit card you have the right to use up to 12 interest-free installments.




The number of installments directly depends on the amount of your order.




Below we mention their amounts and installments.




From 100 euros to 500 euros – 3 installments

From 501 euros to 700 euros – 5 installments

From 701 euros and above – 12 installments








Product return policy
 customers reserve the right to return products they received within 14 days from the date of receipt without any charge other than return shipping. A necessary condition is that the products are in the condition in which they were received and that the proof of payment is present. We recommend careful inspection upon receipt, so as to avoid receiving products that did not reach you in perfect condition. You retain the 14-day right of return only when the purchases have been made online from and not from our physical store or branch. For any questions or clarifications regarding returns, please contact us at 2531022585 or by e- mail :

*If a product is not as described on our site or is defective, you reserve the right to return it (in the condition in which you received it).




Order cancellation policy

The customer can immediately cancel any order for which the products are in collection status and for which the shipping and documentation procedures have not begun. Cancellation is done by phone or email . Finally, you should know that orders are executed at the beginning of each business day.




Money return

The refund is valid in cases where your order concerns a product that has been sold out and you have already made your payment with your credit card. It also applies if a defective product has been received. Finally, you have the right to a refund in the event that for some reason the shipment of your order is unreasonably delayed and you have not been informed about it.




Customer service

In case you need any help or clarification, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 2531022585 or at e- mail: so that we can inform you and help you immediately.